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If it's your job to manage the web presence for a large organisation, then Digital Governance is probably something that's very much in the forefront of your mind – and it will soon be a requirement from your Boardroom.

Digital Governance is the application of policies and standards that reduce risk and ensure your organisation can function properly online, across a number of websites that may be on different platforms, managed by a number of different people. Why would you need Digital Governance?

You and your web team would benefit from Governisation, a one-stop shop enterprise-based solution which ensures your brand is efficiently managed, complies with all relevant legislation and monitors your web presence for optimum performance.


Governisation – a blend of 'governance' and 'optimisation' – is a bespoke service developed for large organisations to help manage brand, reputation and compliance online — for both the vital management of your sites and an unrivalled level of web confidence for your organisation.

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Optimisation of your websites is essential to ensure your policies and standards are adhered to, that your sites are functioning properly, and they comply with all relevant outside legislation.

You can now manage all this on a web platform, with daily, configurable reports that allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of everything that is important to your organisation.